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Jabón negro de carbón activado

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5.0 (2 reviews)

Activated Charcoal Black Handmade Soap For Face and Body
Purifying and Anti-blemish



Activated Carbon, 3750 years old.

Activated Carbon has been in use for approximately 3750 years. Its use dates back to Ayurvedic practices and traditional Chinese medicine.

Intensify your primitive nature with our ECO-Handmade Activated Charcoal Soap

The exceptional combination of essential oils and ingredients present in our Activated Carbon Black Soap, act in synergy to care for and hydrate your skin.
Our soap is a powerful purifier formulated from a combination of essential oils, plant extracts and activated carbon. These components in synergy are able to trap impurities such as: grease, dust, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other toxic particles, helping to maintain a balanced pH and returning your skin to its natural beauty.

Why is our Soap the best choice for your skin care?

Activated carbon contains numerous internal structures similar to pores or voids that are capable of attracting unwanted particles, as well as other toxins to which we are constantly exposed due to environmental pollution. The activated carbon present in our formulation can enter the pores and inner layers of the skin and interact with unwanted molecules that are trapped there, promoting their expulsion after its application.


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Natural Formulation and Premium Ingredients

ETNOLABS uses 100% natural components of high quality, purity and concentration. These include fresh, vegan, Bio, ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients.

Really Toxic Free

Our products do not contain any of the toxic additives that are regularly added to cosmetic products. At ETNOLABS we are aware that any substance that is applied to the body can be absorbed internally.

Synergy of Ingredients

ETNOLABS formulations are based on the use of natural and primitive ingredients, which when fused together are capable of maximizing their beneficial properties. That is, these ingredients combined give a better result than each one separately.

Scientific Support

ETNOLABS works with laboratories that help develop and process formulations whose individual and combined ingredients possess favorable properties for the body that have been reported in scientific studies. Its founder, a Geneticist with years of experience in scientific research, is in charge of the study and monitoring of each formulation and component used.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

ETNOLABS is committed to the environment, therefore our packaging contributes to the reduction of plastics. According to statistics generated by the World Bank, 242 million tons of plastic were produced in 2016 alone.

We are «Old Fashion» and Artisan

At ETNOLABS we love the old and the traditional. For this reason we maintain a production with traditional and conservative methods. We also work with small batches to avoid mass manufacturing, which generates more environmental pollution.

2 valoraciones en Jabón negro de carbón activado

  1. Anise

    El jabón muy bueno té deja la piel súper hidratada y los olores te llevan a la naturaleza 100% recomendado

  2. Odelis (propietario verificado)

    Me encanta porque deja la piel súper fresca y con agradable sensación de limpieza y muy suave. También lo uso en mis partes íntimas tambien me secó una lesión en mi cara de un comedon infectado.

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